A Squared Advertising

Acquiring Customers for Your Small Business


Whether you’re looking to implement a new marketing strategy, or just need to talk through your marketing challenges, we’re always happy to assist.

We love helping small businesses find clarity, inspiration and peace of mind during our consulting and strategy sessions. 

our promise...

We’re not into spam, bullying or pushy sales. Most of all, we value your time and promise that every strategy session is insightful, honest and most importantly provide value. You will leave with a better understanding for digital marketing as it relates to your particular industry and revenue goals. 

A Squared Advertising

problem, meet solution.

One of the biggest frustrations that our clients face is that their expertise is in within their profession, but in marketing–not so much. Finding what doesn’t work is all too easy. We’re here to help marketing challenged business owners understand what does work, implement it so they get results. Come with your marketing problems, and we’ll help you solve them.

Work With Us.

The most expensive thing that a small business or start-up can do is view marketing as an expense instead of an investment. Every dollar and each day that you do not spend moving your target audience toward a sale is a lost opportunity to drive revenue.